EC Infosystems® provides a hosted EDI platform whereby Utilities can send and receive EDI, ANSI X12, XML, or the Utility’s proprietary file market transactions between Energy Marketers operating in their service area servicing both gas and electric customers or any other Trading Partner. EC Infosystems® performs all of the transaction testing, system set-ups as well as the transaction processing, responses and management on behalf of the Utility with the Energy Suppliers and Trading Partners operating in their territory.

NAESB/GISB Processing

The North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) and the Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) provide standards for retail and wholesale electric and natural gas market data file transactions. Through these standards, Utilities and Energy Marketers can standardize data transactions, the process of which results in reduced electronic transaction costs. Utilities can use EC Infosystems’ hosted NAESB/GISB certified platform to process market compliant NAESB/GISB transactions with Energy Marketers.

Paperless Transactions

For Utilities that want paperless transactions with their goods and services suppliers, EC Infosystems® automates the sending and receiving of Purchase Orders, Invoices, Payments, Contracts, Advance Shipping Notices and other business related forms electronically through our hosted EDI Platform. This platform interfaces directly with the Utility’s ERP System, Billing Systems and/or operational support systems. In addition, we perform all of the transaction testing, system set-ups and transaction processing, responses and management on behalf of the utility for their business Trading Partners.

Banking Transaction Remittances

Many Utilities use bank wire transfer as the preferred method for making and receiving payments with their Trading Partners. EC Infosystems’ EDI remittance service provides Trading Partners with an electronic file outlining the detail of payments made into the Trading Partner’s bank account, while also providing the Utility with the with detail of payments received. These remittance files can also be processed through to the Utility’s downstream systems.

Internet Forms

Utilities receiving information through website forms can automate uploading the information into their proprietary systems through the EC Infosystems® internet forms translation service. Collected online data can be processed through EC Infosystems® EDI/XML/Proprietary file translation platform and uploaded into one or many of the Utility’s systems automatically.

EDI to Flat-file Translation

EC Infosystems® streamlines sending and receiving data files to ensure compatibility with the Utility’s and their trading partners’ systems. Through EC Infosystems’ hosted EDI to Flat-file Translation Services, Utilities can connect their ERP, Billing, and other operational support systems with their Trading Partner’s systems to automate the sending and receiving of data files electronically.

EDI Standards Translation

EDI Standards can vary by energy market, ISO, and/or region, and change as energy markets evolve. Utilities struggle to meet deadlines for these standards changes, which are costly and tie up valuable IT resources. EC Infosystems®, a member of each of the Regional Energy EDI Standards Boards, is uniquely positioned to provide Utilities with up-to-date compliant EDI market transactions.

FTP, SFTP, HTTP Hosting, Translation and Processing

EC Infosystems’ private cloud offers a reliable, secure environment for Utilities to transfer files between their in-house systems and with Trading Partners. EC Infosystems® will fulfill your requirements for file transfer whether you use FTP, SFTP, HTTP or other Protocol. Through our platform, EDI, XML, CSV, and proprietary flat-files are translated and processed into your required format.

Interfacing with Value Added Networks (VANs)

VAN service providers offer private network services such as message encryption, secure email management and reporting, facilitate shared transaction standards and/or transfer proprietary data between parties. Utilities can utilize EC Infosystems’ experience and expertise gained through over 20 years in the data transfer business to aid in selection of the appropriate VAN Service Provider. EC Infosystems® helps Utilities identify network requirements and helps to evaluate VAN service offerings to match the best, most cost-effective solution to fit your needs.

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