UtiliBill™ is a state-of-the-art EDI integrated billing system that is offered on a securely hosted model to the deregulated energy marketplace. Empowering Energy Suppliers to serve residential, commercial, and industrial customers in all of the deregulated markets, UtiliBill™ acts as the backbone to your business’ success.

With a robust reporting engine, automated workflow management, real-time APIs, Business Intelligence and complex rate/billing engine, you can effectively run your operations while focusing on growth and other unique business strategies. As such, it is ideally suited for companies with a rich tradition of unparalleled customer service seeking to deliver the consistently high standards of excellence their customers have come to expect.


Your Benefits at a glance

The Energy Industry’s Operating System

UtiliBill™ is currently used by over 80 energy marketers, making it the most widely-used Billing/CIS platforms within deregulated electric and natural gas markets. Additionally, the knowledge, partnership and relationships that EC Infosystems® provides brings a tremendous complementary value to all system users.

Secure, Quick To Set Up & Easy To Use

UtiliBill™ is a secure, SSAE 16 compliant, hosted solution, so it can be quickly deployed in weeks with market specific rules, rate structures and transactions configured for fast entry into new markets with minimal effort and upfront costs. It is also accessible simply through a web browser and can integrate with your websites to process web enrollments and payments.

Low Cost of Ownership

UtiliBill™ is a hosted deployment service, making it the solution of choice for energy suppliers that want to combine superior customer service with the lowest cost to serve. Rather than spend on costly IT projects or builds, the UtiliBill™ platform is a tried and true tool that allows you to grow while effectively managing operations in a budget-friendly way.

Pre-Configured & Hassle-free Implementation

UtiliBill™ comes complete with pre-configured business, market and utility capabilities, which speeds up the implementation timeframe and your time to market. Customizable billing rates and types, CCH tax structures and a host of exception-handling capabilities are built right into the UtiliBill™ product, giving you an edge over the competition when operating in new territories.

Comprehensive Actions

UtiliBill™ offers a full life cycle support for deregulated residential, commercial and industrial clients; from prospecting, and enrollment, to managing the customer and their service experience. With UtiliBill™ you also can adjust products and rates, billing, receivables, collections and dropped customers all in real-time.

Seamless EDI & Third Party Integration

UtiliBill™ is tightly integrated with EC Infosystems’ EDI services to ensure your transactions are always mapped, tracked and handled correctly. External systems (IVR, CRM, Forecasting, Scheduling, Settlements, TPV, Bill Print/Logistics, as well as Quoting/Pricing systems) can also be seamlessly integrated into the solution’s infrastructure.

Scalable & Flexible

Energy suppliers looking to expand and grow their business have the ability to do so easily with the UtiliBill™ scalable system. Through multiple brands or M&A activity, our clients have the ability to tailor their platforms to support their growing businesses regardless of whether they plan to focus on residential or commercial/industrial customer segments.

Customized Reporting

With over 90 unique reports, you are in control of your customers and data. Reporting includes financial metrics such as Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P), sales commissions, exception management, actual/historical usage data, as well as automated workflows. You have the ability to customize the reporting when scheduling your data to automatically export via FTP/email.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

The UtiliBill™ BI Dashboard is a visual representation that gives you a quick and easy way to view your company’s performance in near real-time. This capability helps you to quickly identify cost-to-serve and speed-to-market issues and opportunities by enabling you to visualize your organization’s statistical and analytical information regarding your financials (Receivables, Billing, Usage), enrollments and dropped customers.

Complex Billing Rating & Management

From simple fixed to variable pricing to complex block and index, heat rate and banded/collar pricing, through to time of use, tiered pricing, demand and custom configurable pricing – UtiliBill™ offers you a broad range of advanced options for implementing your complex billing scenarios. Additionally, Energy Suppliers can pass through ancillary and any other custom charges.

UtiliBill™ Workflow

As the energy industry’s most widely used billing platform, the UtiliBill™ system gives energy marketers the ability to manage the life cycle of their customers from prospecting to enrollment to billing and rate management as well as retention. With a sophisticated user interface, complex billing products, exception management, and technical resources like API’s, database exports, and a mini SQL server, marketers are in more control of their customer and data workflows than ever before.

How UtiliBill™ interacts with EDI

The UtiliBill™ system seamless integrates with EDI data, supporting the necessary transaction sets in all of the deregulated ISO markets. Energy suppliers who utilize our proprietary billing platform are able to easily review, initiate, and report on all of their EDI transaction with any one of their trading partners.

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