Faced with an ever-changing deregulated marketplace, you need innovative solutions to optimize your EDI, billing, and customer service operations to your competitive advantage. As respected leaders and trusted partners in the industry, we have a wealth of experience and deep-rooted expertise in doing just that. Optimize your operations with our dedicated team and tools while focusing on what really matters – attracting and retaining new customers and growing your company.

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Our Energy Suppliers Products


Our Billing/CIS platform gives you real-time access with an unprecedented amount of visibility into your business. The UtiliBill™ system provides over 90 customizable and actionable reports with unprecedented access to all of your data, giving you the ability to manage your business effectively.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

With EC Infosystems®, you have a choice - manage the day-to-day business requirements through our cloud based UtiliBill™ system or take advantage of our BPO offering. With the latter, we provide a fully experienced team to handle operations, billing and exceptions, thereby providing you with the ability to focus on growth and other business priorities.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EC Infosystems® is the largest and most widely used EDI service provider in the deregulated energy marketplace, with fully hosted EDI transaction management services. From lean startups to organizations with established operations, our outsourced transaction processing, tools and pricing structure is a fit for companies of all sizes.

Energy Suppliers

Benefits At a Glance

Seamless Integration

Our comprehensive solutions are pre-configured out of the box and 100% compatible with all your existing infrastructure and processes.


All of our technology solutions are engineered to be adaptable and scalable to your precise needs — regardless of your company's size, structure or customer base.

Full Transparency

Gain unparalleled access to each and every detail of your transaction processes and take advantage of the accountability and reliability that follows as a result.

Ease of Use

Our EDI transaction management technologies are both simple to implement and bring intuitive user-friendliness to everyone in the value chain.

High-Speed, Low Cost

Save time and costs with our proven advanced solutions, providing real-time data access, streamlined operational processes and a quick turnaround for billing and reporting tasks.

End-To-End Monitoring

Our sophisticated reporting and exception management system monitors the entire flow of millions of transactions between energy marketers and their trading partners.

Let our industry expertise work for you


Our dedicated customer service managers are on hand to ensure that your individual onboarding process is as fast and smooth as possible.

Market guidance & Technical Expertise

Gain access to all the necessary information and expert resources you require to guide and assist you when entering and expanding in the retail energy market.

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