Using paper forms is an outdated, inefficient and costly way to do business. Utilizing electronic business transactions that can be automatically uploaded into your business and operational support systems substantially reduces costs and greatly enhances productivity. EC Infosystems® evaluates your business systems’ environment, existing processes, and interactions with business partners to determine if Electronic File Transfer is right for your Utility company.

EC Infosystems’ EDI Software Tools

A real-time EDI transaction tracking tool

  • Enables Utility to view inbound/outbound EDI transactions
  • View EDI processing status
  • View or download EDI files
  • EDI transaction count reporting

Give you the tools to succeed

  • Manage action items, exceptions, reporting
  • TrueTrack Functionality and more
  • Schedule EDI-specific exports and reports
  • Do a deeper dive of EDI transactions
  • Trading partner-specific tools for transaction management
  • View or download EDI files and transactions
  • Monitor inbound/outbound responses
  • Hosted, secure, and easily accessible through a web browser

Cost Benefit Analysis

Studies show that it costs, on average, $8.00 or more for many companies, to handle a paper form. Add in the costs for manual data entry, storage and retrieval and the costs are higher. Moving to a paperless, automated, electronic file environment saves a substantial amount of time and money. EC Infosystems® will evaluate your current processes, volume/type of transactions, systems environment, and Trading Partner relationships to formulate the optimal business case and ROI of transitioning to an electronic format.

Logistical Planning

EC Infosystems® provides logistical planning for transacting electronically with your Trading Partners. This service creates the architecture for a Utility to establish system relationships with Trading Partners, file format translation, data file structure; data file size, and development of Service Level Agreements to insure a smooth file transfer operation that meets all parties’ requirements.

Translation Software Implementation

EC Infosystems’ expertise with EDI translators including iDocs, Gentran, Mercator, EMANIO, Harbinger, Sterling, GE Application Integrator, IBM Data Exchange enables us to implement the right solution to meet your requirements. Our translator product knowledge along with systems and data transfer expertise means your translation software implementation project will be on-time and within budget.

Development / Maintenance of EDI Maps

Data mapping correctly converts data information into a file format and vice versa. EC Infosystems® has expertise with all of the major EDI mapping tools. We develop initial maps, modify existing maps, and provide ongoing development and support. Our expert mapping services ensure seamless inbound/outbound file data processing between the Utility’s in-house systems and Trading Partners.

Interface Programming

EC Infosystems® develops the interfaces between your Utility’s business systems and applications and EDI translator software. Our expertise with all of the major EDI translators and Utility business processes, systems and applications ensure a seamless flow of outbound and inbound data.

EDI Education & Training

EC Infosystems’ years of EDI experience enables us to develop a customized EDI training curriculum designed for your company’s employees. We offer training on all of the existing EDI, and XML standards, systems support, map development, mapping support, and business process.

Post Implementation Operational Support

EC Infosystems® offers on-site and off-site Project Management, EDI systems and operational support post-implementation. We offer EDI software development and software support as well to ensure our Utility clients are well supported at go-live and beyond.

EDI Software Tools for Utilities

EC Infosystems® proprietary EDI software tools are integrated with our EDI transaction processing platform. These EDI tools provide near real time visibility into inbound and outbound transactions, transaction validations, missing transaction responses, automation for exception handling, and reporting on EDI business processes.

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