Our happy clients speak for themselves.
EC Infosystems serves a diverse and growing base of more than 300 competitive Energy Companies, and is interfaced with over 120 Electric and Gas Utilities.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding our client expectations – and many of these trusting relations are based on long-standing partnerships that have flourished over many years as a result.

What better way to demonstrate our outstanding service track record than to let our satisfied partners share their own success stories working with EC Infosystems? Here’s what just some of them had to say.

"We appreciate the professionalism and efficiency that you have showed Public Power & Utility in regards to the entry of the New York market. EC Infosystems has made the transition of our EDI link very smooth and without complications. We look forward to growing and expanding with EC Infosystems’ support as we enter into the New Jersey, and Illinois markets."

Trevor Herbest, COO of Public Power & Utility, Inc.

“We have been impressed with every aspect of EC Infosystems’ Billing/CIS & EDI solutions & support from day one. Certification in new markets has been seamless, the EDI and Billing tools have been easy to use, and customer support has always been responsive and knowledgeable. When we set out to find an EDI & Billing/CIS services provider we wanted more than just a company handling our transactions. We are happy to report that with EC Infosystems we have found a true knowledgeable, responsive and cost effective partner in the industry."

Thomas FitzGerald, CEO, Verde Energy USA

Taken from correspondence / emails:

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed we are with your responsiveness, professionalism, honesty, and knowledge of the industry. We were actually very close to finalizing a deal with another EDI vendor prior to speaking with you (a vendor I had a relationship with for over 10 years). You made such a positive first impression on all of us that we decided to put those negotiations on hold in order to evaluate your company. Frankly I was shocked at how quickly and competently you responded to all inquiries and/or concerns/requests for information. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a high level of service from any service provider."

Kelli Singer, Director of Operations Nordic Energy Services

“Utilities and energy companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of outsourcing. Many of these companies driven by the need to reduce cost, increase, operating efficiency, and better rationalize business processes choose outsourcing providers based on these important business metrics, but realize later on that an outsourcing vendor is also a business partner. Cost and business efficiency are part of the equation for a successful outsourcing arrangement, but service delivery, accomplishment of mutual business objectives and the strength of relationship are also critical.”

Ethan Cohen, UtiliPoint International Independent consulting firm commenting on Neumin Production Company/Formosa Plastics company

“When we went out to look for an EDI vendor, we wanted someone with great know-how of the EDI process. EC Infosystems has the experience and market presence to provide this to us.”

Tom Guillon, IT Manager at Empire Natural Gas

“Continuing to work with EC Infosystems enables us to operate cost-effectively and pass those savings to our customers. With EC Infosystems, we can direct the time and resources that would have been used to develop in-house EDI systems to other things – like excellent customer service.”

Abe Grohman, Director of Operations, Hudson Energy Services

“As we navigated through the evaluation process, it became clear that EC Infosystems was the company most in line with our corporate culture and best positioned to meet our unique demands. Our decision was based on selecting an all-inclusive provider—a company that could take us through certification testing, process our transactions reliably and provide the tools and support to help us quickly expand our business once we penetrate the market. EC Infosystems is exactly that company.”

Michael Anton, President and CEO of HOP Energy

“We have a firm hold on the California non-core market and as we enter the California core market, the software solutions from EC Infosytems will allow us to hit the ground running.”

Ryan Wall, Manager of Natural Gas Marketing of Wasatch Energy

Other testimonials provided:

“We are pleased that EC Infosystems will remain a strategic partner as we continue to build our customer base and enter new markets.”

Frank Monroig, General Manager of Lexington Power & Light (LP&L)

“EC Infosystems was a tremendous asset in our successful market launch in the Northeast. They have been a great application service provider and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Yoni Garber, Chief Operating Officer of Censtar Energy

“EC Infosystems has played an instrumental role in helping Chief Energy. The tools, reports and interfacing programs they offer helped us navigate through that incredibly changing period. At the same time they provide help in maintaining our high standards for customer service. Their customer service department worked overtime to ensure we were in the best hands possible. We look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with EC Infosystems.”

Mary Rizzuto-Galante, President and CEO of Chief Energy

“We are preparing for a significant expansion into the Long Island area C&I market. UtiliBill’s hosted application platform and integrated EDI will enable a smooth and cost-efficient customer acquisition process.”

Rick Cincotta, President of ASC Energy Services

“Dual Fuel actively manages and supplies customer load in real time through proprietary control systems. The UtiliBill platform will allow us to match real time loads with utility meter readings ensuring the highest level customer experience.”

Joseph Bohm, President of Dual Fuel Corporation

“As a result of strong growth, we needed a robust billing/CIS platform that was easy to use and didn’t require a big investment in additional IT resources. UtiliBill was a great fit, and the fact that it was already integrated with our EDI service was a big plus.”

Sean Sheikh, Energy Manager at Phoenix Energy Group

From press releases:

“We looked at a number of Billing/CIS systems before choosing UtiliBill. We believe that UtiliBill’s hosted model, full EDI integration, and easy-to-use customer care features will support our continued growth, keep us competitive, and deliver the high standard of service our customers have become accustomed to.”

Adam Herrman, President of Ioway Energy


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