Wednesday, February 12, 2014

EC Infosystems, which recently announced the opening of a satellite office in Manhattan, will be a lead sponsor of both the conference and the awards luncheon, which will recognize “The Most Innovative Energy Supplier of the Year” and “The Energy Supplier of the Year.” President and CEO Mohan Wanchoo will also participate as a panelist in the Energy Marketer Operations. After realizing a 33 percent growth in its client portfolio over the past three years, EC Infosystems has grown its staff and expanded operations to better serve clients across the company’s tri-state footprint. President and CEO Mohan Wanchoo said this growth underscores the need for industry resources like the Energy Marketing Conference.

“The continued growth of the competitive deregulated energy industry will be dependent on the ability of energy suppliers, IT providers, consultants and other business partners to remain agile and respond to the needs of our customers,” said Wanchoo. “We’re pleased to support the organizers of the Energy Marketing Conference in creating this exciting new event.”

The Energy Marketing Conference is a full day event designed to help businesses in the deregulated energy industry collaborate with their peers. The conference emphasizes the sharing of information through networking and panels where industry experts offer information on relevant and timely issues.

“We’re thrilled that EC Infosystems has taken a leadership role in supporting deregulated energy industry initiatives like the Energy Marketing Conference,” said Larry Leikin, VP Sales for TrustedTPV and co-founder of the Energy Marketing Conference. “This event will allow key stakeholders in the competitive energy industry hear from expert panelists about emerging trends and best practices to help them advance their businesses.”

During the conference, five panel discussions will be held in the following focus areas:
• Finance – Panelists will discuss sales and mergers, funding alternatives and steps to choosing a supplier or credit facility.

• Operations – Attendees will receive an overview of the differences and advantages of various forecasting/scheduling providers, how they can turn their energy broker business or insurance agency into a retail deregulated energy provider, and the difference between running a good and great operation.

• Marketing to Build your Business – The marketing panel discussion will advise businesses on finding their niche, differentiating themselves in the deregulated energy marketplace, retaining customers, building their business and implementing creative marketing techniques.

• Marketing Channel Specifics – Panelists will delve deeper into the best and most effective marketing tactics, challenges and opportunities of various marketing channels and how to work efficiently with consultants.

• Marketing Footprint – This discussion will provide an overview of the next states and utilities that are likely to become deregulated, states that are underserved, and any state-
specific marketing approaches that energy providers should consider.

The Energy Marketing Conference on February 27 is currently sold out. For more information on this and other related events, please visit the Energy Marketing Conferences, LLC Web site.

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