Reliable Power Selects EC Infosystems for EDI and Billing Services in Connecticut

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

GARDEN CITY, NY - August 10, 2010 - Reliable Power, one of the most rapidly-expanding Energy Marketers in the Connecticut deregulated market, has selected EC Infosystems for EDI Processing and Billing/CIS systems.  After an exhaustive evaluation of EDI and Billing Service Providers, Reliable Power selected EC Infosystems based on their ability to handle aggressive expansion and its reputation for dependable customer support.

We think everyone in Connecticut deserves low cost, reliable energy, said Reliable Power CEO Steve Ortman.  Were pushing to quickly bring on customers and needed the EDI services to manage that load.  EC Infosystems Billing tools and customer support have helped us immensely.  Ortman also highlighted EC Infosystems previous knowledge and experience within the Connecticut market as a motivating factor in their decision.

Utilibill, EC Infosystems EDI-integrated Billing and CIS (Computer Information System) tool allows Energy Marketers to easily enroll customers and manage their information.  The company credits its decision to develop tools specifically for the deregulated energy vertical, as well as its dedicated support staff, as the reasons for its success.

Our clients need tools tailored to their unique industry, said Mohan Wanchoo, EC Infosystems President and CEO.  Our Billing and CIS system is the product of years of development in order to meet the needs of Energy Marketers of all sizes and in all deregulated states.  Similarly, our support team is staffed with energy and EDI experts who are knowledgeable about the distinctive challenges facing the industry.

EC Infosystems clients have agreed, responding with universally positive feedback in an independent survey of its customers conducted by Dun and Bradstreet.  The company received perfect 100 percent rankings in both reliability and business relations.

The partnership with Reliable Power marks another success for EC Infosystems, which continues to hold a majority share of the nations EDI processing workload.  

EC Infosystems is a market-leading Electronic Commerce Solutions firm with more than 300 clients throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The company's sophisticated software improves efficiency and operating performance, giving clients a competitive advantage.
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