Saturday, September 6, 2008

GARDEN CITY, NY - Pulse Electric, a start-up Retail Energy Provider (REP) in Texas, has selected EC Infosystems for its EDI transaction management.

An REP sells to retail customers, buying wholesale electricity and then handling delivery, pricing and all other service and administrative transactions.

"As a new entrant in the highly competitive Texas retail market, it's critical that we hit the ground running with reliable transaction management services," said Frank McGovern, president of Pulse Electric.

"With proven software solutions from EC Infosystems, our EDI operations can be instantly up and running. That leaves us free to focus heavily on marketing and customer acquisition," he added.

The partnership with Pulse Electric reflects EC Infosystems' growing presence in the deregulated Texas market.

"We're excited to be working with Pulse Electric, and look forward to helping the company quickly establish itself in the marketplace," noted Mohan Wanchoo, president of EC Infosystems. "We're also working with a number of other new REPs, and will be announcing more partnerships with retail electricity suppliers in Texas in the coming months."

EDI solutions from EC Infosystems will benefit Pulse Electric in two key areas. On the operational side, they will enable the company to better-forecast energy usage and speed a wide range of transactions to reduce processing costs. On the customer service side, the software translates to fast, easy enrollment and seamless monthly billing that leads to greater customer satisfaction.

"Our solutions help reduce costs and improve service, and that gives new companies the best possible chance for success in entering the market," explained Wanchoo. They can be fully competitive from day one, with little development time needed to build back-office operations."


EC Infosystems is a market-leading electronic commerce solutions firm with more than 300 clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The company's sophisticated software improves efficiency and operating performance, giving clients a competitive advantage.

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