Intelsys Has Become EC Infosystems

Monday, November 27, 2006

November 27, 2006 GARDEN CITY, NY Intelsys, a leading provider of electric commerce solutions and services to energy companies, changed its name to EC Infosystems effective November 27.

The name change reflects the company's rapid growth and focus on developing a new generation of electronic commerce (EC) products and services for its more than 300 clients across the U.S., Canada and Europe.

"The change from Intelsys to EC Infosystems comes at an exciting time for our company," said Mohan Wanchoo, president. "EC Infosystems is a name that we feel truly reflects our new focus on dynamic electronic commerce solutions beyond standard EDI products and services," he added.

Wanchoo stressed that the name change was not due to a merger, buy-out by another company or because his company had taken over another firm. It was selected solely because the company had grown and was now focusing heavily on EC products and services.

"Our clients rely on us for solutions that reduce costs, speed transactions and deliver better service to their customers," he noted. "While our name will be new, nothing has changed about our commitment to serving our clients - it's stronger than ever. They can continue to look to EC Infosytems for state-of-the-art EC outsourcing, EDI integrated billing services, load forecasting and professional and consulting services."

Intelsys has advised clients of the change and expects a smooth transition to the new name of EC Infosystems.


EC Infosystems is a fast-growing electronic commerce solutions firm with more than 300 clients across the United States, Canada and Europe. The company's sophisticated transaction processing software typically affords cost savings to its clients. EC Infosystems' national scope and economies of scale often translate into higher efficiency and lower per-transaction costs.