Texas Market Coverage

Monday, August 16, 2004

EC Infosystems has successfully signed on a majority of energy marketers in Texas, making EC Infosystems the most widely used outsourced EDI transaction management processing solution in that market. These Texas energy marketers range from mass market REPs looking to enroll hundreds of thousands of customers in the first year, and marketers serving large commercial and industrial accounts. EC Infosystems success in the Texas market, in addition to their numerous other customers around the country, is no surprise given EC Infosystems approach to setting the standard for excellence providing outsourcing services for EDI transactions. It is also no surprise that competitive and economic forces are driving companies to consider outsourcing their EDI transaction management more than ever before.

Most deregulated states, such as Texas, have mandated that utility and energy marketers use EDI technology to send customer enrollments and billing transactions or to receive meter readings from transmission and distribution providers. However, the cost of developing the technology to accomplish this task in order to meet compliance in one state, let alone address inter-state transactions, is cost prohibitive both in financial and competitive terms.

EC Infosystems industry-proven transaction processing systems can scale to handle massive amounts of data and are specifically designed with a native ability to interface with almost all the industrys EDI protocols, including Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) and NAESB standards. This makes EC Infosystems solution an extremely efficient way for companies to provide information back to their customers, while saving up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in development time and cost.

By outsourcing EDI transaction management to us, our customers get the competitive advantage of saving time, effort and money while providing superior service to their customers, said Mohan Wanchoo, Senior Vice President, EC Infosystems. Our success in Texas is proof positive that we are becoming the EDI transaction management solution of choice for energy marketers, retailers and suppliers.