Formosa Coverage

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Neumin Production Company, a division of Formosa Plastics Corporation, U.S.A., is getting ready to introduce Formosa Utility Venture, Ltd. in Point Comfort, TX to a whole new level of service and savings as a result of selecting EC Infosystems Corporations solution for EDI transaction processing management.

This means that Neumin Production Company, using EC Infosystems EDI interface, can accurately monitor the Formosa Utility Venture load by each interval, providing efficient enrollment and near real-time meter reading to their customers. And, it all gets done quickly, reliably, securely and cost-effectively.

Most deregulated states have mandated that utility and energy service companies use EDI technology to send enrollments or to receive meter readings from transmission and distribution providers. However, the cost of developing the technology to do this to meet compliance in one state, let alone address inter-state transactions, is cost prohibitive both in financial and competitive terms.

Selecting EC Infosystems was a logical choice, given that their industry-proven transaction processing systems can scale to handle massive amounts of data and are specifically designed with a native ability to interface with almost all the industrys EDI protocols, including Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) and NEASB standards. This makes EC Infosystems a safe, smart and economical outsourcing option for Neumin Production Company.

According to UtiliPoint Internationals Ethan Cohen Utilities and energy companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of outsourcing. Many of these companies driven by the need to reduce cost, increase, operating efficiency, and better rationalize business processes choose outsourcing providers based on these important business metrics, but realize later on that an outsourcing vendor is also a business partner. Cost and business efficiency are part of the equation for a successful outsourcing arrangement, but service delivery, accomplishment of mutual business objectives and the strength of relationship are also critical.

Neumin Production Companys selection of EC Infosystems is another significant vote of confidence for us by one of the industrys most dynamic companies, said Mohan Wanchoo, Senior Vice President, EC Infosystems. It underscores the fact that EC Infosystems is fast becoming the EDI transaction management solution of choice for energy retailers and suppliers.