ECONnergy Coverage

Monday, August 2, 2004

ECONnergy Energy Company has implemented EDI for transaction management processing through EC Infosystems in Texas, serving up Texas-sized portions of savings and reliability for their customers.

EC Infosystems' solution allows ECONnergy to process large amounts of rich data from meter reading systems and provide efficient enrollment and near real-time meter reading to their customers.

"We pride ourselves on offering our customers timely information and reliable service, and we're always looking for ways to help them save money," said Ethan Kagan, IT Director, ECONnergy Energy Company. "Working with EC Infosystems in the Texas market was a safe, smart and economical choice for ECONnergy and our Texas customers."

Most deregulated states have mandated that utility and energy service companies use EDI technology to send enrollments or to receive meter readings from transmission and distribution providers. However, the cost of developing the technology to do this to meet compliance in one state, let alone address inter-state transactions, is prohibitively costly both in financial and competitive terms.

EC Infosystems' industry-proven transaction processing systems can scale to handle massive amounts of data and are specifically designed with a native ability to interface with almost all the industry's EDI protocols, including Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) and NEASB standards.

"ECONnergy is a dynamic company that is smart about the way they do business," said Robert Obeiter, a consultant with Applied Energy Group and interim COO at ECONnergy. "They're looking out for what is best for their customers, whether the benefit is customer-facing or stems from the back office. The choice of EC Infosystems for EDI transaction management supports ECONnergy's commitment to customer service by improving the performance of behind-the-scenes heavy-lifting data and transaction processing."

"We believe that the strong performance of our systems gives our customers a significant competitive advantage in the market by enabling them to offer better, faster, cheaper service to their customers," said Mohan Wanchoo, Senior Vice President, EC Infosystems. "It's no surprise that we are becoming the EDI transaction management solution of choice for energy marketers, retailers and suppliers."

Based in Rockland County, NY, ECONnergy is a leading energy service company providing electricity and natural gas to residential and business customers throughout the Northeast. A privately-held company supplying energy since 1997, ECONnergy seeks to capitalize on the opportunities created by the ongoing deregulation of the utility industry in the United States. About EC Infosystems EC Infosystems is a leading New York-based, Billing & EDI/EC professional services firm that offers a full range of services to its customers in the field of Billing, electronic commerce (EC) and electronic data interchange (EDI) in three major areas: Outsourcing, Professional Services and Consulting. EC Infosystems offers a host of services in the Utility Industry, and supports EDI, NAESB, GISB standards. EC Infosystems is a vibrant Billing & EDI software company with more than 130 customers in many states across the U.S. and in many European countries such as Norway, Germany and Sweden. For more information on EC Infosystems: or contact us.