Green Energy Choice

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Sterling Planet, a nationwide provider of 100 percent renewable energy choice with sales in 45 states, has chosen to work with EC Infosystems to meet electronic transaction processing needs in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York deregulated energy markets.

After a detailed assessment of various Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions, Sterling Planet selected EC Infosystems to assist with the wide range of customer data processing requirements. EC Infosystems will provide Sterling Planet with systems interfaces, procedural management of Sterling Planets e-transactions and additional support.

EC Infosystems is a leading-edge provider of intelligent EDI solutions, and we are pleased to partner with them, says Mel Jones, Sterling Planet President and Chief Executive Officer. With support from EC Infosystems as our fulfillment partner, we will deliver environmentally preferable energy choices to our utility partners customers in the Northeast and elsewhere in the nation.

Incorporating the EC Infosystems solution into the Sterling Planet network infrastructure is a value-added plan. By choosing EC Infosystems, Sterling Planet ensures fulfillment of the transaction processing requirements of utility market customers. Consistent transaction processing services are vital to the life of any company, and through partnership with EC Infosystems, Sterling Planet anticipates secure, highly available and fault tolerant processing services.

We will be responsible for processing multiple and diverse EDI documents from multiple utilities in multiple states with different standards and different data transfer mechanisms to a single human readable document, said Senior VP Mohan Wanchoo.  We are happy to be working with Sterling Planet on a nationwide level.

We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with such an environmentally friendly energy solutions company, added Sterling Planets Account Manager, Ananda Goswami.

About Sterling Planet
With offices in Atlanta, Tulsa, San Diego and New York, Sterling Planet is the first company to offer 100% renewable energy nationwide. Sterling Planet has emerged as a national leader in bringing environmentally friendly energy solutions to U.S. consumers and businesses through direct business-to-consumer sales and utility/ESCO partnerships. Sterling Planets 11 utility/ESCO partners are located in the Northeast, Southeast and West regions. With green energy sales in 45 states, the environmental energy company is committed to creating a sustainable renewable energy market nationwide through the offering of 100% renewable Green-e certified renewable energy as well as the development, operation, co-ownership and maintenance of new electric generation facilities powered by solar and other environmentally preferable renewable energy sources. Sterling Planet has augmented its renewable energy development capabilities with the acquisition of Tulsa-based Engineering Design Group and EDG Power Group, a leader in distributed generation.
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