30th Marketers / ESCO

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

Most deregulated States have mandated that all Utility and Energy Service Companies (ESCO / Marketers) develop and implement EDI procedures and transactions to support customer retail access. NYS Public Service Commission has mandated that ESCOs use EDI technology whenever they have to enroll customers with the Utility or receive Meter Readings from the Utility in the Deregulatory Energy Industry. To facilitate this, EC Infosystems, the largest EDI service provider in the NY Deregulated Energy Market offers an EDI Outsourcing Service whereby the ESCOs can outsource their EDI processing to us.

Whenever an ESCO needs to enroll a customer with the Utility they can enter that enrollment into our website. EC Infosystems processes that enrollment and sends it to the Utility as an EDI Enrollment. Upon receiving EDI Meter Readings from the Utility, EC Infosystems converts them into a Flat File and forwards them to the ESCO.

EC Infosystems is aggressively serving the Energy Marketer community in New York. The following 30 ESCOs have signed up with our EDI service:

  1. 1st Rochdale Cooperative Group
  2. All American Gas & Energy
  3. Colonial Energy
  4. Empire Natural Gas
  5. End Users
  6. Energy Procurement Service Alliance
  7. Hudson Energy Service
  8. Interstate Energy Resource
  9. Liberty Power
  10. Main-Care Energy
  11. MetroMedia Energy
  12. MidAmerican Natural Resources
  13. Mirabito Gas & Electric
  14. Morgan Stanley Capital Group
  15. M&R Energy Resource Corporation
  16. NATGASCO / Mitchell Supreme Fuel Co.
  17. Noco Energy
  18. North Atlantic Utilities
  19. Olympic Power
  20. Open Flow Gas Corporation
  21. Prime Energy
  22. Pro-Energy
  23. Robison Oil
  24. Stand Energy
  25. Sterling Planet
  26. Stuyvesant Energy
  27. Tiger Natural Gas
  28. Village of Hamburg Municipal Gas Utility
  29. Village of Sloan Municipal Gas
  30. Vineyard Oil & Gas