Empire Natural Gas

Sunday, June 1, 2003

Empire Natural Gas, an energy supplier and management company specializing in natural gas delivery has selected EC Infosystems to provide their EDI needs. EC Infosystems will provide Empire Natural Gas electronic business transaction processing services in the deregulated gas market for New York.

Empire Natural Gas has chosen to work with EC Infosystems due to their many years of experience and expertise throughout the entire energy market. EC Infosystems is a market leader in this competitive deregulated market. The company is recognized for quality of service and ability to support the many complicated data and billing requirements. EC Infosystems assures timely and consistent processing services. Empire Natural Gas is also a leader as an energy service provider and through this affiliation with EC Infosystems the possibilities are endless. Choosing EC Infosystems guarantees Empire Natural Gas reliable, timely billing and business transaction processing services.

When we went out to look for an EDI vendor, we wanted someone with great know-how of the EDI process. EC Infosystems has the experience and market presence to provide this to us., said IT Manager Tom Guillon

We know that Empire Natural Gas takes pride in what they do., said Senior VP Mohan Wanchoo Having an innovative transaction system is vital to the success of any energy marketer. Through our comprehensive system Empire Natural Gas will continue to be one of the leading competitive players in the deregulated utility market.

About Empire Natural Gas
Established in 1989, Empire Natural Gas has been an industry leader in energy supply and management for over 14 years. Located in Greene New York, they specialize in economical and reliable natural gas delivered primarily in Upstate New York. Empire Natural Gas has also specialized in Gas Management for several years as well as supplying electricity to customers in the NYSEG area.
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