Usave Energy

Saturday, March 1, 2003

Usave Energy, a company involved in utility deregulation has contracted with EC Infosystems to provide Electronic Data Interface (EDI) services in support of their marketing in Texas. The relationship with EC Infosystems ensures Usave Energys willingness to provide its customers consistent EDI transaction processing services.

EC Infosystems is a proven EDI service provider in the Texas Deregulated market having already taken REPs through the certification with ERCOT and the TDSPs. EC Infosystems is also one of the largest EDI service providers in the Deregulated Energy market using GISB standards.

Usave Energy a newly formed energy service provider guarantees reliability and since EC Infosystems is a leading provider of reliable, timely data transactions in the deregulated markets, this relationship will prove to be a limitless success. Working with EC Infosystems assures that Usave Energy will comprise of a dependable, lasting service through EC Infosystems innovative solutions.

EC Infosystems is delighted to have been selected by Usave Energy., said Account Manager Ananda Goswami Usave Energy will benefit by having consistent, reliable services that are cost efficient yet exceptional. We are proud to be serving the Texas Deregulated market.

About Usave Energy
Their knowledge spans throughout eight states and their experience enables the customer to save on their electric bill while the supply of power remains reliable through a partnering with the Local Distribution Utility (LDU). Usave is a certified REP with the Texas PUC.
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