EC Infosystems Successfully Migrates Community Energy for Billing/EDI Services

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

EC Infosystems, a leader in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Billing/Customer Information Solutions (CIS) for companies in the deregulated energy industry, has announced the successful implementation of renewable energy leader Community Energy’s billing and EDI services for its utility clean energy programs.


The rapid implementation included an accelerated parallel utility testing and certification process, comprehensive billing platform education, and a swift migration of Community Energy’s customer meters onto the UtiliBill billing/CIS platform. Throughout the onboarding process, teams from both companies worked arduously to ensure aggressive target timelines were met.


“As established energy companies consider a migration of their core back-office technology, they must weigh the risks and rewards of such a decision,” says EC Infosystems’ President and CEO, Mohan Wanchoo. “Throughout our 24-year history, EC Infosystems has successfully implemented a significant number of clients which has led to a streamlined and intelligent approach to new migrations.”


“We have been impressed with the EC Infosystems’ team and their ability to seamlessly move our company through the conversion process,” explains Amy Lobel, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations at Community Energy. “EC Infosystems understood our needs and made real-time adjustments to ensure their platform would work for us.”


In conjunction with the EDI and UtiliBill billing/CIS offering, EC Infosystems’ client services team provides assistance necessary to Community Energy’s retail programs, including market-based functions such as consolidated utility rate management.


“While our industry-leading EDI and billing/CIS services will ultimately streamline Community Energy’s retail program management, we are able to go above and beyond the standard vendor partnership with our enhanced service offering,” says Ananda Goswami, EC Infosystems’ Chief Revenue Officer


Pennsylvania-based, Community Energy offers clean energy products to customers in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island through utility-partnered Renewable Energy Credit (REC) programs. Community Energy is a leading renewable energy developer and has developed over 2,600 MW of wind and solar projects across the country at the scale necessary to meet energy demands of large electric customers, utilities, cities and communities. Visit for more information.


“The successful implementation of Community Energy signifies our commitment to diversifying the EC Infosystems’ client base beyond utilities and retail energy providers,” says Aileen Currier, EC Infosystems’ Director of Market Strategy. “We look forward to broadening the scope of our services to meet the dynamic demands of an evolving energy industry.”


About EC Infosystems

EC Infosystems is a market-leading Software as a Service provider (SaaS) of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and UtiliBill (Billing/Customer Information Solutions (CIS)), serving more than 300 clients in the deregulated energy industry across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The company's sophisticated software platform is user friendly, improves efficiency and operating performance, and provides clients with a strong competitive advantage. For more information, visit


About Community Energy

Community Energy has developed and financed 2.6 GW of renewable energy projects across the country, including 1.9 GW of solar power.  Community Energy anticipates, originates and develops competitively advantaged solar plus storage projects and has been a leading renewable energy developer for over 20 years, developing many of the first and largest wind and solar projects in the United States.  Community Energy has offices in Radnor, PA and Boulder, CO.  For more information, please visit


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