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EC Infosystems’ mission is to be an industry leader by offering innovative technology solutions that will give companies the edge to succeed in today’s competitive environment. EC Infosystems was started in 1995 by ex-Sterling Software employees. Today EC Infosystems is a vibrant EDI software services company having more than 300 clients in most states across USA and many European countries like Norway, Germany, Sweden and France.

EC Infosystems is a New York based EDI/EC Professional Services Firm that offers a full range of services to its customers in the field of Electronic Commerce (EC) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in three major areas. They are Outsourcing, Professional Services and Consulting. We offer state of the art Billing, EDI Transaction Management and Load Forecasting services to the Energy Industry. Our depth and breadth of experience in the Deregulated Energy marketplace has launched us into the position of a market leader. Processing several million transactions per month our customers range from medium to large energy marketers to utilities across 19 states within the US. With connections to over 70 utilities and growing, we service more than 150 clients. EC Infosystems is the largest EDI Transaction Management provider in New York serving more than 51 energy marketers and growing. EC Infosystems provides robust transaction processing services in CAISO, ERCOT, NEPOOL, NYISO, PJM etc. ISOs.

EC Infosystems is in tune with the latest developments in the Deregulated Energy marketplace throughout the country by participating in a very large number of state standards committees, regional groups, and industry groups that constantly create, maintain and upgrade EDI data standards for the entire country. Whatever the business transaction we deliver it reliably and efficiently to our clients. Whether they are utility meter readings or invoices or customer enrollments we process them all. Whether the transmission medium is VAN or GISB or NAESB we handle them all efficiently.

EC Infosystems derives its strength from a deep rooted presence in diverse industries such as Ports & Terminals, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing & Distribution. Since our inception in 1995 we are responsible for a lot of success stories.